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Security Analytics Repurposed for COVID-19 Monitoring

Posted by Security Centric on 17/03/20 1:59 PM

The handy folk at Sumo Logic, behind the multipurpose security analytics tool, have used published data to present and dissect near real time data of COVID-19 spread. Data is broken down into active, new, total and deaths, with infection rates also a relevant indicator.

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Are you aware of your risk profile?

Posted by Security Centric on 22/11/18 8:11 PM

There is no one size fits all when it comes to cyber security – you cannot uncover your potential risks purely through comparison to another business. That’s where risk profiles come in.

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Topics: Risk Assessment

Are you giving cyber security the attention it deserves?

Posted by Security Centric on 17/10/18 7:30 AM

Cyber security is a comprehensive multi-faceted approach to identifying, understanding, and then mitigating risks to information systems.

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Topics: Risk Assessment

What does the eBay hack and Jeremy Clarkson have in common?

Posted by Security Centric on 26/05/15 9:40 AM

The recent compromise and subsequent theft of personal information from eBay has reinforced one aspect of any mature information security approach – adequate application of defence in depth.

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Finally, an actionable blog

The purpose of this blog is to make available the real-world lessons, experience, observations and mistakes that are part of the daily life of a group of cyber security professionals.

Read about:

  • What mistakes organisations are making (anonymously of course!)
  • What effective actions are available to quickly and economically achieve effective protection (without buying new kit)
  • Trends we're seeing, via our incident response and forensic investigation capabilities
  • And sometimes, just frustrations about what is wrong with cyber :|


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