by Alex W, on 17/11/2023 4:18:03 PM

The statistics provided in the Australian Signals Directorate Cyber Threat Report paint a bleak picture of the cybersecurity landscape in Australia with the average cost of an incident and the …

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by Security Centric, on 24/03/2022 8:48:01 AM

News came to light recently from a threat actor group that authentication provider Okta had been compromised by one of their members. Okta later confirmed this, saying that an account …

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by Security Centric, on 11/12/2021 3:25:30 PM

A new remote code execution vulnerability has been discovered affecting a common software library used in many systems and applications. A Java library, log4j2, is widely used in embedded systems …

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by Jill T, on 10/09/2021 1:18:32 PM

A new troubling remote code execution vulnerability has been discovered that affects customers using Office 365 and Office 2019 on Windows 10 and is already being exploited by malicious actors …

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The purpose of this blog is to make available the real-world lessons, experience, observations and mistakes that are part of the daily life of a group of cyber security professionals.

Read about:

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  • And sometimes, just frustrations about what is wrong with cyber :|

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