In the news: Why zero trust is critical in the modern hybrid workplace

by Security Centric, on 28/12/2021 11:17:00 AM

Earlier this month Security Centric's Sash Vasilevski provided expert opinion to the team at iTWire on the ins and outs of implementing zero trust as an outcome of the ongoing nature of hybrid work. 

In the article, Sash outlines what a zero trust approach can look like within your organisation in order to create a more secure environment that takes into consideration a "work from anywhere" setup. 

The tips provided include details on the following points: 

  1. Treat all data and systems as resources
  2. Secure all communication
  3. Grand access to resources on a per-session basis
  4. Implement dynamic authorisation
  5. Monitor and measure the posture of assets
  6. Make authentication and authorisation dynamic
  7. Collect as much information as possible on current assets. 

Read the full article on iTWire here: Why zero trust is critical in the modern hybrid workplace

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