In The News: Ensuring IT Security as Threats Evolve

by Security Centric, on 06/01/2022 12:15:00 PM

Last month Security Centric principal consultant Sash Vasilevski provided his expertise to Business IT, outlining recommendations for cybersecurity uplift measures for small to medium enterprises. 

Throughout the article, an outline is given of some of the cyber threats increasingly experienced by organisations as the hybrid nature of work, digital transformation, and technological advancements change the cyber threat landscape. Additionally, details regarding the best approach to ensure ongoing cyber risk reduction are given over the following areas: 

  1. Assess: This initial stage involves a careful assessment of an organisation’s core purpose. This could be financial services, manufacturing, or retail for example.
  2. Secure: The second stage involves implementing preventative controls to mitigate identified cyber security risks so they are within risk appetite. This might involve technical controls such as hardening systems and implementing robust authentication mechanisms.
  3. Maintain: This stage involves maintaining the desired risk posture that was achieved in the second phase. It involves periodic monitoring and staying aware of emerging threats. Day-to-day vulnerability checks and ongoing monitoring for suspicious behaviour also form part of this phase.
  4. Respond: The final stage involves investigating any security alerts that occur and determining which are false positives. If actual threats are identified, the security team then undertakes the steps required for remediation.

Read the full article here: How SMEs can ensure business IT security measures are sufficient in an evolving threat landscape

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