Engineering Professional Services

Engineered Information Security

Taking Your Organisation Beyond Assessments and Testing

Implementing security into your everyday ICT environments, remediating and acting on recommendations from assessments or testing, and helping organisations focus on ensuring better objective and outcome focused security.

Security Centric's team of engineers takes their clients beyond traditional information and cyber security assessments and testing by offering professional services to help remediate flaws, securely configure, harden, and address identified risks in ICT environments. Our business risk approach focuses first on how you can use your existing technology, people, and processes more effectively to uplift your organisation's security posture, rather than simply recommending additional technology.

An engineered approach to information security helps businesses ensure that the remediation and implementation of recommendations solves the actual problems that contribute to the root cause of security problems. This differentiation from many providers who look first to adding more technology rather than understanding what an organisation is trying to achieve with their security results in a better reduction in business risk, and the implementation of security that actually helps to enable businesses to be efficient whilst also being secure.


Professional Services:

Whether your security requirements are an outcome of testing or assessment performed by experts at Security Centric, internally, or via another 3rd party, our engineers are able to take your organisation through the next stage of your security journey.  

Some of the services our engineers typically work with clients on include:

Network and Infrastructure:

  • Many IT professionals understand networking, however an engineered approach to connectivity includes account security measures that typically are not understood by traditional network administrators. The Security Centric team work with you to ensure that best practices are implemented to increase security across the entire network stack.
  • Broad capabilities with various vendor technologies, including firewalls implementation, configuration and segmentation, advanced VPN implementation, user-friendly yet secure Azure active directory configuration, managed identity migration, multi-factor authentication.

Windows Domains:

  • Services required by clients typically include working on Active Directory and ensuring secure controls for a wide environment in a single place, then ensuring they're applied, and applied consistently. This includes specific activities such as group policy, hardening, and configuration of security controls.
  • Hardening of Windows Active Directory Domain environments including controllers and domain servers. These elements are not secure "out of the box" and require specific configurations to enable security features to reduce possible attack surfaces.

Web Applications and Web Server Side Security:

  • Security Centric's engineers have extensive experience in DevSecOps, and can help your development team to identify possible security flaws within their software development lifecycle.
  • Help organisations implement necessary changes to web services to increase security.
  • Secure Code Reviews.

Identity and Access Controls:

  • Authentication, MFA, and SSO
  • Identify and Access Management
  • Secure VPN/Remote Access
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Network Access Controls and 802.1X
  • Cloud Access Security
  • Data Governance

CIS Hardening

Essential Eight Hardening


Endpoint Protection

Encryption Management and Public Key Infrastructure

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Secure DNS

Email Security

Cloud Security and Virtual Firewalls

Data Security and Integrity

Network security, firewall segmentation and configuration, VPN security, MFA


As with all security services offered by Security Centric, our guiding principles are to maximise security whilst enabling efficiency in a way that meets your organisational needs. By first identifying the necessary end result, our clients are able to mitigate business risk more effectively due to our ends-goal, business-first, engineered information security approach.

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