Managed Information Security Services

Managed Information Security Services

Need a security team or solution but don't have the time, resources, or want the responsibility of having one in-house? Our team of skilled security experts and engineers will work with you across areas like strategy and policy, threat detection/SIEM implementation and management, vulnerability monitoring and remediation, and incident response "as you need it" to keep your organisation secure.

Hiring a managed security services provider gives you immediate access to an experienced team of security personnel, technology, and monitoring for a fraction of the same cost of hiring, implementing, and managing security internally. With the expertise comes advanced monitoring, analysis, and investigation of detected threats. Alongside this, organisations also gain access to certified staff to help create, inform, and monitor your compliance level for regulatory purposes.

At Security Centric our goal is to provide all of our clients with a solution that provides best efficiency with maximum security. This includes looking at how to utilise any existing personnel, processes, and technology to meet business security objectives, making recommendations, and working with you to implement, monitor, and maintain information security to reduce business risk.

CISO as-a-service

Gain the credentials and experience of a senior executive to review and shape strategy and direction.

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Vulnerability Awareness

Proactively monitor for, detect and remediate vulnerabilities that put your organisational assets at risk of compromise.

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Threat Detection/SIEM

Collate unstructured data across your organisation to build real-time, rule-based attack and threat detection alerts.

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Incident Response

Develop and integrate an incident response framework. Lean on us for expert incident response and forensic investigation.

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Our business security advisors are happy to help you with any further information, including business use cases, more indepth information, or guidance on what your organisation might need in order to create a robust security posture.