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Uplift your Cybersecurity Career?

Not all cybersecurity consultancies are alike. Here at Security Centric, we know that supporting you, what you value, and the way that you like to work is an integral part of making sure you're going to love what you do - just like we do.

Whether it's the importance of being a part of a high performing team, the flexibility to work from where you want, a desire for contribution that's not restrictive to one aspect of cybersecurity and business, or a desire for continual learning and improvement combined with guidance... Security Centric's individual-focused values will ensure you're given opportunities to grow, all while providing exceptional cybersecurity services to our clients and partners. 

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Work Flexibly

Whether it's a hybrid model or you're an experienced professional looking for a fully remote position, we're open to working with you to help you perform at your best. 

While junior or entry level roles typically benefit from being able to work in person with more experienced team members, working at Security Centric means you're able to tailor your working environment to suit your career goals and experience. 

Cross Skilling

We know that people in technical fields value learning skills outside their existing knowledge-base, and at Security Centric we provide opportunity to do exactly that. We work with organisations of varying sizes, industries, and with unique cybersecurity challenges. You'll work with colleagues with specialisations across all aspects of cyber.

If you're an offensive security practitioner looking to learn more defensive skills, or whether you're an engineer looking to understand governance, risk, and compliance - we encourage cross-skilling.

Deliver Value

Use your experience to shape, form, and uplift existing services to deliver success to our clients and partners. Contribute to an organisation looking to make improvements to the way that we work, ensuring continuous improvements for both internal and external stakeholders. 

Have an idea about how things can be better? We leave our egos at the door about how we do things, meaning you're working in an environment dedicated to getting things done in new ways if it means an improved outcome. 

We're a Team

Teamwork isn't just a word to us. Whether it's sales, finance, marketing, or delivery - we strive to work together as a high performing team. This means a great working environment where you'll get support from team members both within and outside your direct function. 

And it's not all business. We have regular fun and social days where you'll get to enjoy Security Centric funded food, drinks, and activities. Whether this is during our regular hybrid office drinks, or our team-building days, you'll be invited to the party. 

Read about what our leadership team's goals are when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Having a safe, welcoming, and diverse team is important to us. This includes aspects like skills, mindset, diversity of thought, and background in addition to gender and neurodiversity. Our leadership team recently had their thoughts on building a diverse working environment with Cybersecurity Connect. Read the article via the link below. 

What's your favourite thing about working at Security Centric?

“It's the people, the culture, and the characters. It's the camaraderie, everyone getting together to solve a problem.”


Sash Vasilevski

Uplift your Cyber Career


If you're ready to take the next step in your career in cybersecurity - whether that's in the commercial side, the consulting side, or the technical side - explore our open roles now. 

While we regularly update our openings, we'd also love to hear from you if you're looking for a penetration testing, GRC, or Security Engineering role that perhaps isn't listed on our website. 

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