Vulnerability Management Services

Vulnerability Management Services

Monitoring, Mitigation, and Remediation

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing. 3000 high and critical vulnerabilities were published in 2019 alone. Utilising Vulnerability Management as a service (VMaaS) means having the knowledge, expertise, and the technology to stay on top of threat and vulnerability detection, patching, and remediation as an ongoing, proactive process.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our vulnerability scanning service includes identification of threats to your assets through industry leading technologies, and regularly scheduled scans of both your external, and internal facing assets.

Vulnerability Remediation

Our team of skilled security engineers help our clients beyond assessments and testing and into remediation and mitigation based on your risk appetite. From patching and upgrades through to overseeing new infrastructure implementation. 

Vulnerability Management

We provide vulnerability scanning of the target infrastructure, establishing a baseline and making compliance easier by adhering to various frameworks. Clear reporting of all security threats on an ongoing basis provides transparency. We verify assets are properly protected by controlling change and managing vulnerabilities with inputs from stakeholders.

Threat Intelligence

Understanding your overall vulnerability posture is critical to protecting your organisation. Your assets produce a treasure trove of unstructured and unrelated raw data on authentication, access, system usage and more. We correlate this data and apply rule-based threat intelligence alerts to signal for anomalies in real time. Alerts are configured via email or SMS, giving you immediate visibility into an ongoing compromise.

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