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How inappropriate use of Office 365 is increasing NDB exposure

Posted by Tim on 4/04/19 4:30 PM
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Topics: Phishing, Compromise

Security Fundamentals - Part 3: Controlling Admin Privileges

Posted by Tim on 14/12/18 12:22 PM

In Part 2, the importance of a well-maintained and well-structured hardware and software inventory and the benefits of vulnerability management was explained. The next step in the process of getting on top of security basics is gaining control of the environment. This step should be easier and more efficient if the earlier steps of creating a comprehensive inventory were completed.

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Topics: Insider, Fundamentals, Authentication

Security Fundamentals - Part 2: Managing Hardware and Software Assets

Posted by Tim on 26/11/18 3:54 PM


In part 1, the importance of knowing your system was discussed, in this article, the importance of properly managing and auditing these assets will be discussed. Proper management of ICT assets from an information security perspective involves knowing what properties of the assets are expected, being able to respond to new vulnerabilities quickly and knowing when unauthorised assets are present on your network.

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Topics: Fundamentals

Security Fundamentals - Part 1: Do this before buying the next security product

Posted by Tim on 24/11/16 8:50 AM

A common theme amongst many engagements and discussions are “we are having issues maintaining control over our environment what products can solve this problem for us”. Questions like this are tackling the problem by jumping to a solution without identifying the cause and they can usually be addressed without buying a new security product.

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Topics: Fundamentals

Finally, an actionable blog

The purpose of this blog is to make available the real-world lessons, experience, observations and mistakes that are part of the daily life of a group of cyber security professionals.

Read about:

  • What mistakes organisations are making (anonymously of course!)
  • What effective actions are available to quickly and economically achieve effective protection (without buying new kit)
  • Trends we're seeing, via our incident response and forensic investigation capabilities
  • And sometimes, just frustrations about what is wrong with cyber :|


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