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CISO as-a-service

CISO as a Service

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) provides an essential function in an organisation by being a source of security expertise and integrating security within business processes. Establishing and retaining the necessary in-depth knowledge can be difficult for an organisation however this is not a problem when using Security Centric’s CISO as a Service offering.

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a key senior-level executive whose essential function is to protect ICT assets, reduce security risks, and ensure there is a fit between enterprise vision and security processes. As a source of security expertise, a CISO identifies gaps in current business processes, developing and implementing, through effective change management controls, new processes that increase the security posture of an organisation.

Without this role internally, establishing and retaining the necessary in-depth knowledge can be difficult for an organisation. In many cases, particularly for SMEs, it may be difficult to justify the overhead for a full-time CISO, leaving gaps in your organisations’ security processes that often fall on IT teams to fill, many who may not have the time or resources to dedicate wholly and ultimately leaving your organisation at risk.

Utilising Security Centric’s CISO-as-a-service mitigates this risk and gives your organisation a dedicated, and more economical resource as much, or as little as needed depending on your circumstance. Our CISOaaS will, among other tasks as needed, assist with:

Security Change Management

A good change management process requires proposed changes be reviewed by stakeholders including security. Security Centric staff can review change proposals for their impact on security and analyse subtle and complex interactions of systems to understand how security risks would be affected.

Security Reporting

Your security function must gather information and report to the rest of the organisation to enable strategic objectives to be met. Security Centric can use automated and manual methods to gather security metrics and produce reports suitable for compliance activities or presentation to any level of the organisation.

Document Review

Security policy and procedure documents ensure security consistency and are needed for compliance requirements. Security Centric staff have experience drafting and reviewing security documentation for all kinds of environments from startups to large Government departments and can ensure that relevant best practices are followed.

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