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A Business Risk Approach to InfoSec

Security Centric understands Information Security, with a focus on business risk rather than technical possibilities. We have a proven track record securing Military, Government and Corporate ICT environments.

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Stay Safe

With onshore data, onshore personnel, security clearances and approval to assess classified networks, Security Centric keeps your data safe.

Security Centric takes advantage of years of experience working within the highly demanding information security environment of the Department of Defence, the Intelligence community, and Federal Government agencies. With this involvement, Security Centric consultants have applied a comprehensive information security methodology to protect the systems, services and environments entrusted to them by the owners of valuable, sensitive and sometimes highly classified information.

Security Services

Maturity Assessment

More than merely a technical test, our maturity assessments encompass risk from people, processes and technology.
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Vulnerability Awareness

Proactively monitor for, detect and remediate vulnerabilities that put your organisational assets at risk of compromise.
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Penetration Testing

Using the tools and techniques of real attackers, understand how discovered vulnerabilities can be exploited, exposing your organisation.
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Cloud Security

Cloud technical assessments can help identify deficiencies and misconfigurations in your cloud architecture.
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Achieve and maintain compliance for ISO 27001, PCI DSS, IRAP/ISM, Essential Eight, Privacy Act, APRA CPS 234 and NIST standards.
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CISO as-a-service

Gain the credentials and experience of a senior executive to review and shape strategy and direction.
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Simulated Phishing

Use real world phishing tactics to test your organisation and staff against business email compromises.
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Security Awareness Training

Train staff to recognise phishing attempts, and follow best practice when it comes to information security.
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Threat Detection/SIEM

Collate unstructured data across your organisation to build real-time, rule-based attack and threat detection alerts.
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Our Services

The Ultimate Penetration Testing Checklist

Download our guide on the top 5 areas to focus on in your next penetration test.

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Assess Your O365 Security

An Office 365 security audits pre-emptively identifies  high-risk misconfigurations, providing remediation steps to harden your environment against cybercriminals.

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Past Clients

Security Centric has worked with organisations from all sectors, of all sizes.