Cyber Security Training

People are an essential component of an organisation’s information security in protecting against phishing, malware and social engineering attacks and reporting incidents. Staff need to be informed of their responsibilities both when they join an organisation and as processes and systems change so they can appropriately protect information.

Online General Security Awareness Training

While organisations understand the importance of security awareness training, taking staff away from their main job for a course can be challenging. Security Centric’s online secure awareness training covers all core aspects of information security in a half-hour or hour course, whenever staff are available to do the training.

Compliant Security Awareness Training

For organisations that have specific information security compliance requirements, Security Centric’s online training provides a convenient and cost-effective way to achieve the necessary general user training. Training is available for ISO27001, ISM, PCI-DSS and other security standards and can optionally be hosted by Security Centric.

Face-to-Face Security Awareness Training

Face-to-face training provides opportunities for a high level of interaction where students can ask questions or seek additional information about the topics covered. Security Centric provides a set of course notes, ensuring that students can focus on the material and gain the greatest and longest-lasting benefit from the course.