Office 365 Security Assessment

Security Centric provides Office 365 security audits to pre-emptively identify and remediate high-risk misconfigurations to harden your environment against cybercriminals. Security Centric also investigates suspicious Office 365 activity to determine if, and when a breach has occurred.

Benchmarking & Risk Scoring

Security Centric audits your Office 365 environment against the industry standard CIS Benchmark, providing a detailed report of identified risks, prioritisation, and remediation steps.

Detect MFA Bypass

Detect and revoke rogue app permissions. Phishers can be crafty; malicious apps can gain access to user accounts by obtaining authentication tokens without the need for user credentials, all while bypassing MFA.

Mailbox Rule Analysis

If an account in your environment is compromised, a cybercriminal may often hide their tracks with obfuscated and confusing inbox rules. Discover breaches as soon as possible and lockdown affected accounts.

Authenticated & Authorised

The first step to protecting your organisation's data is securing access to user accounts. Ensure your environment enforces complex passwords and multifactor authentication, no rogue admin accounts are live, and offboarding processes mean no ghost accounts.

Comprehensive Scope

An audit by Security Centric ensures all application configurations in your Office 365 ecosystem are hardened, including Exchange Online, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams and Active Directory.

Log Auditing

In most circumstances, your Office 365 audit logs are retained for only 90 days, while pervasive breaches can go undetected for months. Security Centric conducts a point-in-time audit of Office 365 logs for suspicious activity, and can provide ongoing, real-time security alerts to catch breaches early.

Actionable Reports

Receive a detailed analysis of identified risks and an actionable plan for remediation. Security Centric identifies the minimum actions needed to increase the security posture of your environment, while providing further recommendations for those needing even higher levels of security.

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